Guitar Size Chart In Cm

If your child is for exampe 5 years old and measures around 43 then a half size guitar. 5969 mm 2350 - Fender JazzmasterJaguar guitars.

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650 mm 255 - typical classical guitars.

Guitar size chart in cm. This is ideal for the guitarist looking to make the transition from three quarter-size to full-size. However as you can see on the comparison chart below nut widths vary across guitars catering to a wide range of players with different preferences in. Consider what gauge strings youre using.

There isnt a standard nut width for steel-string acoustic guitars. Parlour guitars are perfect for people who find Jumbos. For kids between 8 12 years of age or have a height range between 42 ft 49 ft 128 cm 149 cm then the 34 guitars are the best choice.

648 mm 255 - many Fender guitars. The parlour guitar is the smallest of the full-size guitars. You want a mid-sized guitar with a more standard look and feel.

You want a more standard fret scale but want a smaller body for a smaller person yet the tenor seems a bit too small. It is important to note that guitar size is only one part of making it easy for your child to play. A couple of things to consider when deciding on a first guitar.

247 cm 9 34 Body width - waist. 625 cm 24 58 scale length 12 fret neck joint. You need more mid range and a little more bass than a tenor guitar.

Electric Guitars are much smaller than Steel-String Acoustic Guitars and Nylon String Classical Guitars they can basically be used by most people but you do need to consider the extra weight. For kids between 5 8 years of age or have a height range of 36 ft 42 ft 109 cm 128 cm the 12 half-sized guitar is the perfect guitar size for them. The lighter your strings are the less your pick has to fight them to produce noise.

Different guitar types are not uniform in size. On a modern bass guitar 30 76 cm or less is considered short scale standard also called long scale is 34 86 cm for a 4-string and 35 89 cm for a B-E-A-D-G 5-string and extra-long scale basses of 36 91 cm also exist. The following chart will help you choose the right sized guitar for your child.

The chart gives you just a reference. 635 mm 25 - many PRS guitars. Normally all kids guitars sold are either 14 12 34 or full size guitars.

A slightly smaller scale length favors shorter fingers and hand span. Many guitarists around 5 tall play a guitar with a scale length of 640mm. Meanwhile some guitar manufacturers offer even 18 size guitars or 78 size guitars.

349 cm 13 34 Body depth increasing from 88 cm 3 12 to 102 cm 4 ARCHTOP GUITAR. The standard scale length for a modern full-size classical guitar is 256 inches 650mm. Guitar sizes Compact adult guitar.

With a thin pick between about 38 and 73 millimeters its easy to navigate light gauge strings and you can strum an acoustic guitar. An un-adjusted guitar will not be easy to play even if it is the right size. Thats how small of a target we swing at with our picks and fingers.

Fender CA-360SCE Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar. 205 cm 8 116 Body width - lower bout. 498 cm 19 58 Body width - upper bout.

686 mm 27 or longer - Baritone guitars. 978 cm 38 12 Body length. It will differ naturally due to the size of the guitar.

Guitar string size or gauge is measured in thousandths of an inch. 572 mm 225 or shorter - 34. Acoustic Guitars are bigger but hollow whereas Electric guitars are smaller but made of solid wood.

Adults with small size hands and bodies Useful travel guitars Kids age 10-12 Adults and kids with smaller size hands and bodies Kids age 11-12 Upwards and adults GUITAR SIZES 7814 12 34 44 Full Size Player Height Approx 90cm 110cm 2ft 11in 3ft 7in 110cm 130cm 3ft 7in 4ft 3in 130cm 140cm 4ft 3in 4t 7in 140cm 153cm. Manufacturers build guitars based on their own standards but an average nut width would be close to 1 1116 or 43mm. Other chordophones Mandolin family.

629 mm 2475 - many Gibson guitars. Eb Cm Ab Fbm Db Bb F Dm A Gm D Cm C Am C Am B Gm F Dm E Cm A Fm D Bm G Em. Thats 11000th of an inch yall.

This is still often regarded as the standard length for a bass guitar. Common nut widths on steel-string acoustic guitars.

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