Classic Rock Bass Amp Settings

75 up Low Mids. Amps generally have a three band eq meaning bass mid and treble.

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DEATH TRASH SETTINGS On a Peavey Amp lead channel bass 6 mid 57 treble 7 gain 11 BEATLES Day Tripper Channel A master vol.

Classic rock bass amp settings. Disable any bass amp eq settings that are currently active on the amplifier. There are a tone of variables at play here besides your amp guitar tone and volume settings. My ideal classic rock sound is beefy mids and just a tad loose in the low end with raspy highs when pushed.

Plug your bass into the amplifier. Kidding aside there are a million classic rock tones so the question is way too vague. Theres some great advice in here and pretty illuminating around the different amps.

Pickups pots caps how hard you are driving your tubes and your speakers AND your fingers. As far as amp settings on Fenders I basically dime the treble and mid-range on my amp but leave the bass rolled back to about 5. To do that de-select things like bass boost or presence enhance that alters the sound of your bass.

4 gain 45 presence 3 bass 10 mid 5 treble 5 mode low STEPPENWOLD Born To Be Wild Channel B master vol 2 lead gain 8 reverb 12 presence 4 bass 8 mid 9 treble 6 mode low CLASSIC ROCK For Solid State Amp bass 10 mid 5. But if you prefer a more balanced and even tone then set your bass to around halfway. The Peavey 6505 which is the younger sibling of their classic 5150 is a go-to amp for metal tones and coincidentally turning the Bass Mid and Treble controls on the amp to the numbers 6-6-6 yields a nice thick balanced chunk at medium to high gain settings.

Have a nice gig. Make sure the amplifier is connected to the speaker. Need to know from you guys what you consider to be the best bass amp tone settings for a live situation.

With this my amp settings are. Best Amp Settings for Classic Rock. Rock band two guitars bass keys and drums playing with my fingers no slap.

For most other styles of bass playing a flat or high Mid setup tends to be more appealing. Download free classic-rock presets from exclusive artist signature and Fender created tone settings community favorites. If you want to use the amps distortion channel try hooking the delay and chorus pedals into the effects loop - some players prefer it.

They sometimes have a fourth band presence which control frequencies above the. In addition any amp settings we can suggest will only pertain to that amp paired with a certain bass and cabs not to mention rooms player style fingers picks etc strings. So many amps have different settings for the same thing.

These settings are all based on a fairly clean amp. Most stuff stays right around 5 occasionally Ill LOWER the treble My Hughes Kettner. I think that amp settings for rock music are fairly complex thats why Ive created an in-depth guide to explain everything fully so you know what to do with your rig.

If you want to give your tone a boomy sort of presence then youll want a higher bass setting. The bass control on your amplifier determines the amount of low-frequency sound youll hear through your amplifier. Im just going to cut this down into bassmidtreb Bass.

Best Amp Settings for Classic Rock. And of course in the mix vs solo is different too. I had own classic 1970 Svt with 8 x10 in the past so my work was pretty much done for meI own a Fender 100 bassman now playing smaller rooms 150 people looking.

The amp was reassuringly expensive and. Our setting is around 300 miliseconds but tweak it until it pleases your ear. Set your EQ dials to 0 or at 12 oclock or your graphic EQ sliders to their middle position - in most cases this will give you only the sound from your bass and cable being amplified by the bass rig.

The relatively lower Mid value tends to lower the overall note definition but the higher Bass and Treble give a bit more power and brightness to each note. In this lesson were looking at the scooped mid EQ setting which is commonly used as a rock tone by bassists. Rock Music Amp Settings.

In this case the Mid is left around 5 while the Bass and Treble are both set to about 7. But if youre here for a quick answer then heres a diagram to show you the best place to start. Treble on78 mids maybe 67 My Peavey.

That is the classic rock setting for rocking classic rock. Bass 3 Mids 2 Treble 67 You just need to spend the time. Guitar volume on 6-7 I have a round and sparkly dynamic clean vol on 10 is a good mid-gain lead sound.

Bass 3 Clean Channel Settings 2 Reverb 0 Treble 8 Mid 4 ½ Bass 4 Lead Channel Settings 1 Presence 6 Treble 6 Mid 8 Bass 7 ½ Drive 9 Lead Channel Settings 2 Presence 6 ½ Treble 6 ½ Mid 6 Bass 7 ½ Drive 8 Lead Channel Settings 3 Presence 6 Treble 6 Mid 6 Bass 7 Drive 8 Lead Channel Settings 4 Presence 6 Treble 6 Mid 7 Bass 7 ½ Drive 8. 75 up High Mids25 down Treble.

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