Acoustic 360 Bass Amp History

Best known for its powerful Acoustic 361 bass stack Acoustic became the go-to bass amp in the 70s and 80s as larger venues demanded amps with. The Acoustic USA 360 is featured on the May 2013 cover of Bass Player Magazine.

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CS 360 Degrees of the Acoustic 360 he runs Indian Trail Recording Studios near Dallas with his son Alex Gerst.

Acoustic 360 bass amp history. Selling a beloved vintage acoustic 370 bass amp. Not associated with the Chinese product in any way this is an American-made amp with a few newer updates brought to you in conjunction with the original designers of the 360 back in late 1968 Russ Allee and Harvey Gerst. These vintage-inspired amps offer modern features like low distortion at max volume re-engineered EQ for precise tone shaping true blendable overdrive and tilt-back cabinets plus the added flexibility of a Headphone Out for quiet practice and an Aux In for playback of audio files.

In December of 1967 the Acoustic 360 actually helped The Doors get arrested for noise violations and put them - and the amp - on the cover of Life magazine. The Acoustic USA 360. Along with its vintage 360 counterpart.

It is super cool and we are super thrilled. John Paul Jones used a pair of them with Led Zeppelin John McVie used them in the early days of Fleetwood Mac and the 360 was the favored amp of legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius - the Hendrix of the Electric Bass Guitar. The 360 head starts with inputs for both active and passive basses and the input gain with a clip indicator.

The history of Acoustic began in a shack on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles California when Steve Marks and his father created the Acoustic Control Corporation in the late 1960s. Acoustic c-series bass combos. Late 1960s Acoustic 360 Bass Amplifier with 361 Speaker Cabinet The Acoustic 360 may be the most heard least acknowledged amp in music history.

Dave Brown played one at Woodstock with Santana. It has 4x 15 woofersthe amp is 365 watt at 2 ohm i believe and you can make a sound that. The history of acoustic.

Comparable Amps To Acoustic 360361 History Of Acoustic Amplification Acoustic Amplification Anyone Seen This An Acoustic 360 Direct Box Foot Pedel. Beefy looking stuff I cant vouch for the quality of the heads as I never got around to trying one out. This featured amp is the re-introduction of one of the most favored bass amps in rock history.

View and Download Acoustic 360 service manual online. It was not an off-the-shelf CV 18. Bassist Jaco Pastorius was a famous user of Acoustic bass amplifiers using two 360361 units onstage.

Acoustic USA employed the help of former Acoustic President and bass amp guru Russ Alee to update the rig which he designed in the 60s. ACOUSTIC 360 Bass Amps wereare amazing bass amplifiers. Late on at night I moved forward Maybe 1 or 20 feet Instead of standing right in front of the amp I got out Actually in front of the singer I was quite surprised to hear that the amplifier was completely filling the room In fact they were telling me to turn down which was quite surprising since standing in front of the amplifier I didnt feel I was loud or clear enough but soon as I moved 10 or 15 ft away I heard that I had a tremendous room filling extremely bass.

Other bass amp users included Gary Thain from Uriah Heep Larry Graham Jimmie Randall John Paul Jones Carl Radle Ric Grech John McVie Tony Stevens Peter Overend Watts Danny Sheridan Rod Ellicott Cold Blood Flea John Deacon and Kirk Powers the last two using an Acoustic 371 combination of the 370 amp 301 bass. This notoriety had a very predictable response which is that it made the amp a must-have for serious rockers who would love to be arrested by The Man for bass notes alone. After Allee left Acoustic in 1980 he founded AMP bass amps designed cir - cuits for Eden and freelanced for companies such as Alesis.

John Paul Jones used a pair of them with Led Zeppelin. 360 musical instrument amplifier pdf manual download. It has now returned to take its place among the best as well as bring its tradition to a whole new generation.

His designs for Gibson gave birth to Thun-derfunk amps and his influence on former Acous-. The earliest bass amp 1949s Ampeg Super 800 was designed to complement Ampegs innovative acoustic bass pickup but the seeds for bass guitar amplification were sown. The pre-amp could support up to four powered 361 cabs with the folded 18 speaker.

San Francisco Bay Area bass icon Bobby Vega takes us through the many classic tones of a vintage Fender Jazz Bass with an original Acoustic 360 amplifier. We are excited for the magazine to hits news stands as the subscribers already know. And it was the amp of choice for legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius.

Inside you will find the story of the 360 then and now. Not to muddy up the water but in addition in the late 90s or 2000s the Samick company briefly had a line of Acoustic bass amps that faintly resembled the cosmetics of the classic company products more so than the GC related gear. Late 1960s acoustic 360 bass amplifier with 361 speaker cabinet the acoustic 360 may be the most heard least acknowledged amp in music history.

Acoustic 360361 Ampeg and Fender quickly dominated the burgeoning bass amp industry. The early ACOUSTIC 360s had a special Cerwin-Vega 18 speaker. The Acoustic 360361s trade mark blue is as recognizable as the musicians it supported during its reign as king of the bass amplifiers.

John McVie used them in the early days of Fleetwood Mac. Along the way they went to a cheaper Eminence 18 that basically sucked. Acoustic 360 Bass Amp For Sale Craigslist Technology Breaking News Acoustic Usa 360361 2011 Reissue Bass Amplifier.

Paired with 361 18 powered cabinet the Acoustic 360 may be one of the most-heard but least-acknowledged amps in music history.

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