Jazz Bass Pickup Placement Measurements

There is no 100 accurate height. So we raise the middles angling or ramping the pickups.

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We need it where those fat strings are vibrating enough.

Jazz bass pickup placement measurements. Designed to work in this position do not use a bridge pickup in the neck position. I would measure the distance from the nut to the center of each pickup on a jazz bass then calculate the ratio to a short scale. The neck middle and bridge pickups are positioned 6375 3875 and 1625 inches from the bridge respectively.

All Original 1984 April 84 in a stunning beautiful and original Black finish. Its common to place the J in classic 60s Jazz bridge position polepieces centered at 375 when measured from the back end of a standard Fender bridge plate which gives the individual pickup a fuller soundbut the proximity to the treble coil of the P pickup about 125 closer than on a Jazz setup can emphasize a midrange honk that some find unappealing particularly for slap. I have bought a rather interesting jazz and I cant decide whether it has the 60s or 70s jazz pickups spacing.

Edited April 13 2010 by The Bass Doc. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. Check the measurements of basses of the same scale as yours whose sound pleases you.

As indicated above both the pickup and bridge moved back so the same spacing applied in relation to the pickup being covered. From 1960 until late 1970 the two pickups on the Jazz Bass were spaced 36 in 91 mm apart. Measure the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the Low E Pole.

Do the same thing on the High E String Treble Side. Depress strings at last fret. You want the tonal variety that will give you.

The bridge pickup was then moved4 in 10 mm closer to the bridge creating a spacing of 4 in 100 mm. 14 12 70s Jazz Neck. Lets clear something up.

Start by pressing the Low E String Bass Side down at the highest fret and hold it while you measure. 14 78 Precision 11 Stingray 13 18 L2000 Neck. The strings on your properly set-up bass will follow the radius of the fingerboard.

This means the middle A and D strings will actually be further from the pickguardbody top than the E and G. Accurate template placement is easycrystal clear routing templates allow you to see the guitar body underneath. The neck of your bass guitar especially truss rod properly adjusted without any bowing or bending.

These values are directly modeled. Some very few use two short neck length pickups. Bass Knobs and Switches.

With original Molded Hard shell Case with original keys in also very clean condition 9 0lbs - Lightweight for a Jazz Bass and really well balanced. Vintage 1984 Fender Jazz Bass Dan Smith Fullerton era - Black Maple Extremely Clean. Depending on the scale and personal preferences the distance from pickup to bridge could be 1 254 mm or more.

How To Measure. In which he specifies the following measurements from the 12th fret to the pickup centerline. The lengths of the neck and bridge pickups in 5-String J-Bass pickups are also not equal.

Create perfectly shaped pickup cavities for Jazz Bass. This way you get a wide variety of tones and you can get an idea of the sonic qualities of each type of pickup. The closer they are to the neck the muddier the bass will sound producing more oomph The closer they are to the bridge the brighter the bass will sound.

Simply align the templates laser etched centerlines with the markings on your guitar to get the placement right every time. After the pickup type the next most important factor is where the pickups are placed on the bass. If you dont want a P-J setup at least be sure to get something with two pickups.

I have an original 1962 Jazz and the cover does indeed hide the pickup. Using a 6 150 mm ruler measure the distance from the bottom of the first and fourth strings to top of the pole piece. From pole to pole its 4 inches but it seems the bridge pickup is quite close to the bridge level with the tone control and feels kinda tight.

Before you decide that your pickups are the culprit here are a few things that youll want to make sure are up to par. Intonation is set properly using the open notes and twelfth fret notes for reference. Many players believe that this change contributed to a somewhat brighter tone from the bridge pickup.

StewMacs improved templates are now thicker with smooth. So what I need is people who have a Fender. Set flat the pickup will sense less of the A and D strings vibrations.

This means one humbucking P-bass Precision bass style pickup near the neck and one J-bass Jazz bass style pickup near the bridge. Back to the Bass. A good rule of thumb is that the distance should be greatest at the fourth-string neck pickup position and closest at the first-string bridge pickup position.

When I did my fretless I put the bridge pickup too close to the bridge and the strings cannot impart enough energy to create any kind of real volume. MM positioning seems to vary by builder but most seem to sit about 2 to 25 inches from the bridge saddles measured at the A string. In basses it is better to place the bridge pickup not so close to the bridge.

So there is a balancing trick you gotta figure out.

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