How To Install An Acoustic Guitar Bridge

Routing the slot lower needs to be done carefully because we have to bear in mind the pickup elements are poking through and we dont want to rout too deeply into the bridge or even into the guitar top. Set saddles extend into the wings of the bridge and are usually glued in place to prevent movement.

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The slot becomes shallower as the bridge gets lower and if its too shallow the saddle will either tilttopple under tension or wont make a good coupling the pickup or acoustic tone.

How to install an acoustic guitar bridge. Request a Guitar Setup. First I remove the old bridge install the new one tune the guitar and adjust the string height at the 12th-fret roughly where my client wants it. We offer prompt turnaround and deliver results that will make you smile.

On Gibsons first version the plate mated with a slotted rosewood saddle. Placing the bridge too close to the neck shortens scale length and makes fretted notes sharp. Request an Acoustic Guitar Setup.

The ends of these saddles are further shaped after being glued in place to give the bridge and saddle a uniform shape. When the bridge or its saddle are not placed correctly the instrument will not play in tune up and down the neck. Here is the bottom of the saddle and metal plate that is on my 61 B45-12.

Make all adjustments by using the buckle until the instrument sits at your stomach. On later guitars the bottom of the saddle was not slotted but flat. Make sure that your arms can comfortably lean over the guitar and hold it.

Correct bridge placement determines a guitars intonation when playing fretted notes. The pin holes were entirely chewed up. Not sure about parts other than maybe eBay but LMI in Philly carries bone saddles for Gibson ADJ bridge guitars.

For this guitar that. This is another easy-to-install pickup. After installation place the strap over your shoulder and stand up.

To remove a long saddle that has been glued. Moving the bridge too far from the neck increases scale length and creates flat fretted notes. These are in the exact locations as the original holes so theyll match the bridge plate on the guitar.

Install your top protection template and secure it to the sides of the guitar with tape. Once the bridge pin holes are laid out I can locate and mark the saddle slot location. The distance between the guitar nut and bridge is the scale length.

Heres how I determine the proper spacing angle and slot width for each string and saddle. The first things to layout are the bridge pin holes. Correctly positioning the bridge is essential for good intonation.

Align the front edge of the bridge perpendicular to the centerline of the fingerboard and the angle of the slot will allow for the high E string to be shaped in the saddle to an average total of around040 beyond the scale length and the low E string to the range of180-200. Now its time to start drilling holes. We take great care to make sure the holes are perfectly aligned.

Dans drilling them out with a peg hole reamer then plugging them with peg-shaped plugs of hardwood. Call 678-402-6739 or text 770-654-3223 to set an appointment for your acoustic guitar setup. The sound it transmits is warmer and less bright than an undersaddle transducer.

This little parlor guitar was found in a trash can and Dan Erlewine is doing a quick fix on the bridge. This pickup captures the natural sound of a guitar by being placed directly under the bridge on the bridge plate. Take your reworked putty knife and place it at the corner of the bridge and slip it under the wing or ramp of the bridge.

If you play with the right hand your strap should go over your left shoulder and vice versa. Another option is if the bridge has started to lift work the putty knife under this area. A very popular bridge plate pickup is the LR.

The placement of the bridge on an acoustic guitar is determined by the instruments scale length.

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