How To Position Guitar Bridge

Heres how I do this in my shop. Flip the bridge back over so the backside with the glue is facing down.

Charvel 475 Special I Have This One Mine Is Matte Black With Only An Emg81 In The Bridge Position An Electric Guitar And Amp Guitar Acoustic Electric Guitar

This is not as daunting as it sounds thanks to this wonderful online resource the Stewart-MacDonald Fret Position Calculator.

How to position guitar bridge. On two guitars with similar body shape but one with a neck to body connection at the 12th fret and one with the neck to body connection at the 14th fret the bridge is closer to the lower. With the bridge in place you can locate the exact saddle position for good intonation. In this video we are talking about how to properly position and install your guitar bridge.

If you are installing a Tune-O-Matic bridge the bridge is often tilted slightly on the bass side by roughly 3 degrees or so. The nearer the bridge the more trebly the tone will be with lower output level due to the shorter amplitude of the string vibration at that point. You do not have to give it any angle though if you dont want to.

Measure from the fretboard side of the saddle where the high E string crosses to the fretboard edge of the bridge. When you make an acoustic guitar bridge cut the saddle slot after installing the bridge on the guitar top. Then place the saddles on the line.

First bring your strings to pitch. The bridge pickups pick up the signal from the string vibration closer to the bridge making the tone tighter and punchier The bridge position produces that spanky tone when played with no distortion kind of what you would get if you played very close to the bridge on an acoustic guitar. Therefore you have more options for bridge placement with only ergonomics to take into account.

Measure the resulting distance from the guitar nut to find proper bridge placement. Simply enter the number of frets and scale length in this case 255 inches hit calculate and it. If the tuning at the 12th fret is sharp you need to move the.

If you decide to angle to bridge mark the new holes with the bass side thicker strings tilted slightly down towards the butt of the guitar. Then check the tuning of each string at the 12th fret. This is mostly about figuring out exactly where the bridge needs.

Bridge will be situated on the body is the point where the neck meets the body. Once you find the position for your bridge you can adjust the intonation by doing the following. Hold the bridge around the edges so you dont disturb the glue or get it on your hands.

Press the bridge carefully in place on the guitar body. Mark the two post locations with a pencil and remove the bridge. Calculating Bridge Position.

In this video I show how I determine the position of a hardtail bridge on an electric guitar body. To place the saddle find each strings intonation point. Changes in pickup placement near the bridge are far more noticeable than those near the neck position.

When buying one of the new Hosco hardtail Strat bodies the builder will be required to position the bridge as there are no string-through holes to use as a guide. Before finding the final position of the bridge bring all the saddles on the bridge to their most upfront position meaning turn the little screws until the saddles are closest towards the fingerboard. If you keep the scale length distance from nut to saddle the same so that the fret spacing is the same then you can alter the position of the bridge by shortening the body as topo said in his comment.

Subtract the above result from the scale length.

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