How To Run A Wet Dry Rig

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The stereo outputs are in the background balanced against the dry channel amplitude with an optical volume.

How to run a wet dry rig. Learn how to use two guitar amps at the same time in this beginners guide to multi amplifier rigs. You should check out the Huge Racks Inc website. For example the wonderful Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man has a wet and dry output allowing for one amplifier to receive a delayed signal and another to receive a dry or clean signal.

I run wet-dry out of my pedal board from a stereo delay. You can set one amp up for your dry tone and the tone of the other for the delay sounds. The other dry output goes to some dirt and modulation then split to stereo.

One output to a little dirt for the dry amp usually a tweed. You could also start with the Stomp instead of the dry amp and by utilizing two fx loop blocks and a split TRS to two TS cable using two mono returns create a single chain something like. I can go stadium with the 100 watter thru a b and a 2x12 with the 50 watter thru an aor I can go light with the 50 as a combo feeding the 30 watt vox.

I run a dry wet rig 2 amps front ended with a split personality both amps having separate fx loops and one has just the wet delay flanged and sliced. There are many ways to arrange your sound and this is one of the ways. I made a video explaining my pedal chain and setup and wanted to share it all with you.

You could use a 4 cable setup with your wet amp and implement use of an FX loop block allowing you to blend wetdry to your preference with that block. DONT PLUG YOUR SPEAKER OUTPUT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR. Close to the front of my effects I split the signal.

It sounds great and its a lot of fun to experiment with. You want a wetdry rig but youre not sure what amps will work well together. I am trying to figure the WDW now but mix in a bit of dry into the wet as wet is all or nothing when switched off but still retain the clean signal the split personality gives on 2 amps.

Sorry about the crappy playing but the point of the video is to show how to set up a wet dry rigRemember. The two heads plug into one stereo Marshall 4x12 dry on the left wet on the right creating a beautiful. Sam looks at some of the most common ways that gigging.

Buncha combinations in between. The amp also runs dry to the center cab. A line out from amp 1 is plugged into the G2 Post Preamp Input with the Main Output returned into the ARACOM 18-watter as the wet head.

A common way to do it is to plug your guitar into your amp send the amp signal to a splitterdummy load and into separate power amps one for the dry guitar feeding a dry only speaker cabinet and another into a stereo effect unit or ten then into a stereo power amp to drive the wet speakers. You need an amp with a line out that then can run into a bnunch of line level type efx like TC or Lexicon possibly a mixer and a power amp for the wet cabs.

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