How To Replace A Acoustic Guitar Bridge

The most important thing to remember is the line up the grain on the plugs to match the existing bridge plate plate grain direction should ideally be perpendicular to soundboard grain. This one was definitely in need of a debelly job.

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Whenever anything important is being glued onto a guitar doing a dry run is smart.

How to replace a acoustic guitar bridge. Essentially Im just taking off the damaged part. If either slip under the bridge you will need heat to soften the remaining glue to remove the bridge. To do this the glue must be heated and softened and then the bridge is cut away.

Since the top of the guitar is bent into a slight radius you will need to match that with the bridge. Since were going to avoid the saddle slots with their related awkwardness Im going to remove the back half of the bridge. The bridge separates from the guitar allowing removal of all the old glue.

Pre drilling pilot holes slightly smaller than your screws will keep from splitting issues. Correctly positioning the bridge is essential for good intonation. Replace Acoustic Guitar Bridge Guitar Bridge Placement.

When the body and the bridge have been thoroughly cleaned they can be clamped together without any glue. Only use finger pressure to install the pins. Some short wood screws work if you want a cheap NOW fix.

I wouldnt suggest it for expense guitars but without removing string and the bridge its reliable. Press a piece of masking tape onto the bottom of the bridge plate to keep any glue from dripping into the guitar. The placement of the bridge on an acoustic guitar is determined by the instruments scale length.

When the bridge or its saddle are not placed correctly the instrument will not play in tune up and down the neck. You can use a file to remove the excess saddle if you wish but sandpaper is easier for most people. Cut a rectangular hole in.

Carefully uncoil a new string and put the ball end into the correct hole of the guitar bridge. Do not over tighten the pins. When an acoustic guitar bridge is damaged to a point it needs replacing most of the time a direct replacement isnt available.

Press your bridge into place on the top of your guitar. If it is a very traditional and common style of bridge pre-made replacements can be considered but usually differences in size shape and pin location are such that it wont work well. Hold it in place and sand the bottom of the saddle down on it.

Use the marks or dowels you placed in the bridge pin holes to line up your bridge in the exact spot it was before. Cut a hole in the heavy sheet plastic to fit around the bridge and lay in on the top of the guitar to protect it when sanding the bridge. To replace the bridge I used bolts and wing nuts slipped through the string holes to re-mount the bridge onto the guitar and I used a placement clamp to insure that that bridge was put in the right place otherwise the guitar would not work properly.

You can use some sand paper to remove the glue on the bottom of the bridge. Acoustic guitar tops are made with all types of radii ranging from 15 to 100 foot. When the bridge has been glued on you can drill out the dowels.

Get a bit cheeky and just replace half the bridge. Measure the radius of your guitar top and buy a matching radius block. After sanding the contact surfaces to create a clean bonding surface the bridge is glued and clamped onto the guitar top for 24 hours.

Getting the plugs into place is a little fiddly but much less so than removing an entire bridge plate. You can detect a lifting bridge with a fine feeler guage or business card by checking for a small gap along the backside of the bridge. Two screws on the left and right sides of the bridgein the tapered wings that extend out words.

This is called a dry run. Heat applied to the bridge loosens the remaining bond. Lay some sandpaper down on a flat surface.

Were going with number 2. Sand it up to your pencil line for an accurate adjustment. Removing it is relatively straightforward.

Now an acoustic guitars top shouldnt be dead flat they are arched typically with a 45m 6m radius but this one was severely arched. Removing half a bridge. For a proper repair I use a silicone heat blanket to loosen the remainder of the glue to remove the bridge.

Line up the slot in the bridge pin with the guitar string and push the pin into place. To fix a bellied top the bridge first needs to be removed.

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