How Do I Know My Guitar Size

If you dont have one handy you can also look up your guitar on the Sweetwater website. The best and actually the right way to determine the right guitar size for a child is therefore the scale.

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If theyre into rock music best to go for an electric guitar.

How do i know my guitar size. We have discussed the most prevalent guitar sizes. 18 guitars 14 guitars 12 guitars 34 guitars 78 guitars and Full-Size guitar. Thats 11000th of an inch yall.

This will be below the bridge of the guitar if you have the guitar standing upright. In this guide we will show you how to measure a guitars neck radius. So for example a 14 size guitar means that the guitar measures a quarter scale of a full size guitar.

Heavier-gauge sets will be brighter and louder but will also require more force in. A couple of things to consider when deciding on a first guitar. To do this youll need a radius gauge tool.

While for adults it became a lot of individual preference. Its also important to choose a guitar that will inspire you or your child to play. Folk music is best played on a steel string acoustic.

Generally adults are comfortable with full size guitars 40 Concert size and 41 Dreadnought in acoustic guitars. However some full size classical intermediate guitars include an adjustable truss rod. A child requires a guitar with a shorter neck depending on his age and height.

The correct size is most accurately determined by the players height and age. Measure across the width of the guitar at the widest point of the upper bout. A shorter scale results always in a shorter neck.

Its important to know what size guitar youre buying especially when youre shopping online and cant try out the guitar for yourself. If your are very tall consider a 41 Dreadnought size guitar. If the case is to tight the case wont protect the guitar properly.

For instance we refer to a set of strings as 12s if the diameter of the highest string is 0012 inches. The half-size guitar as its name would suggest is half the size of a standard guitar. Classical or nylon string guitars traditionally do not have truss rods as these guitars are under less tension than steel string guitars.

Guitars a variety of different sizes - we have a guitar size-guide here along with some guitars to match - so you can see just what suits you. Both electric and acoustic guitars are available in half-size. Most people use 12s or 11s.

There are lots of measurements that are taking to measure the guitar to make sure it fits in the case properly. For kids choosing the right guitar size depends a lot on their age and body height. Guitar string size or gauge is measured in thousandths of an inch.

This will be roughly just above the soundhole if you have the guitar standing upright. If the guitar is to loose it could get damaged in transport. If it is the same size as the 42 its most likely a set of 9-42s.

Select the following link for more information. These profiles do not follow Martins standards to a tee but do exhibit some of the most commonly used acoustic guitar body sizes and styles used many having been influenced by the Martin Guitar Company. Measure across the width of the guitar at the widest point of the lower bout.

String height or action at the nut should be low at the first fret which results in all six strings being easy to play. How to measure a guitars neck radius. Due to it moving inside the case.

Ad RC Tonewoods and Sons - Exotic tonewoods at a reasonable price. It it is the same size as the 46 it is most likely a set of 10-46s MIGHT be a set of 9-46s which is not that much different. For an acoustic guitar generally speaking people would choose a set of 10s 11s 12s or 13s.

Of all the guitar sizes this is the most popular with young children who will struggle with an adult-sized guitar. Guitar sizes The Halfie. Thats how small of a target we swing at with our picks and fingers.

The following describes some of the common acoustic guitar body sizes and styles and shares a little bit about the sound and tone profiles. If you are small in stature consider a 40 Concert size guitar or smaller.

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