Where To Place Guitar Strap Button

You only have to widen the hole in the strap button I used a drill and use the same screw to hold it. How to install a guitar strap button.

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I always place the strap button a tad bit above the middle of the side of the guitar closer to the top.

Where to place guitar strap button. My instinct is to put the strap button right in the centre of the little cream-coloured triangle on the back of the heel where Ibanez usually puts them. In terms of the wood strength and neck joint construction and such. Step 1- Locate a place on your instrument where youd like to place a guitar strap button.

The blue line points to where I wanted to place the strap button on my ukulele. Hopefully thats not the case with yours but sometimes you just. It is not going to hurt your guitar.

Another reason to add a strap button to an acoustic is that tying a strap around the headstock the old-school approach can damage the finish and in some cases add unnecessary pressure to the neck joint. Buttons should be pointed towards the floor not the ceiling. I use a leather collar which goes around the headstock where you would typically tie the boot lace date with a toggle attached.

Or is there a better idea. Placing a button on the wrong side of the neck is a common problem for do-it-yourselfers. TS some guitars just wont balance out no matter how much you move the buttons around.

The advantage of drilling a hole is you can customize the size and design of the guitar strap button you wish to add. See picture 1 below for an example. Does the position of the button hold my strap securely.

Youll want to install the strap button in an area where the screw has enough material to grip the wood of the neck without poking through the other end of the heel. Martin make a similar product. Now if its a hundreds-of-years-old Lacote or similar--of course it devalues it.

The toggle then goes through the hole in the strap which you would ordinarily attach to the strap button. How to Put on a Guitar Strap - YouTube. Step 2- Open the guitar strap button package and take out one of the strap button screws.

I was going to bring my guitar to an independent guitar shop where they put the strap button on for 16 but since its a permanent thing I wanted to figure out the best place to place the strap button. It works very well for me and doesnt seem to interfere with the left hand. The strap holes are commonly found at the bottom of the guitar on the lower bout and at the heel or top horn or at the base of the neck.

I dont like having the strap button on the heel cap it will almost make the guitar rotate if you dont hold on to it. If you are afraid to do it yourself a luthier can do it for you. That said the majority of us drill a small hole in the heel and add a strap button.

Properly done a strap button in the heel of a guitar does not devalue it. The top strap button is on the neck plate. Your placement is working perfectly.

The best place to install it is on the side of the neck heel because not only does the guitar hang better than placing the button on the back of the heel its a lot more secure. If you frequently play on the higher frets the strap button is often placed on the heels back edge which can be out of the way. You can undo this mod any time.

A typical spot to install a guitar strap button is on the treble side of the heel. The strap around the headstock is not bad for your guitar. So if you dont see any buttons you can drill them into your guitar.

That way the guitar dont want to tilt forward and away from the body when standing up. A strap button is useful for working musicians and most guitar manufacturers will offer to install one before the guitar leaves the factory. From my experience the neck will sit firmly enough with one screw not in completely.

If you want to place the strap button on the back of your guitar you might nevertheless do it as I did with the other guitar. Im not quite sure how the strap would feel or maybe Ill just get used to it over time but the only place I was thinking is on the side. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

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