Double Bass Strings Tension Chart

Tension 645 lbs 081 Light 625 lbs 078. They can give a significant boost to tight or less-expensive basses and are dynamite on fine instruments.

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We now offer most all upright double bass strings.

Double bass strings tension chart. See below105 gauge string tuned to E. The tension of a string is the horizontal stretching force in the string. 125 rows Ultramag Bass Type 52 Alloy Roundwound.

Tension 625 lbs 071 Light 595 lbs 069 Third string A - ZyexTungsten wound. Pahoehoe Low tension Black Bass Strings for 18 to 21 scale instruments including Road Toad Tadpole. Theyre thinner and lighter than other brands.

While designed for bass ukulele these Pahoehoe strings will also fit Ashbory Basses and provide an alternative to the silicon Ashbory Bass strings. Flat-Chromesteel bass strings have a very clear and brilliant sound and. Select a Scale Size and Tension.

The bass is a standard member of the orchestras string section as well as the concert band and is featured in concertos solo and chamber music in Western classical music. Helicore Orchestral Double Bass Strings Tension Chart Set Note CoreWinding Playing Length mm-in 110M 710 - 28 18M 805 - 31 34 14M 900 - 35 12 12M 975 - 38 38 34L 1060 - 41 34 34M 1060 - 41 34 34H 1060 - 41 34 H611 G-Sol Stranded. CHART TENSION PEG END BALL END Silking color depicts string pitch Example depicts light yellow medium and heavy orange tensions for all instruments Silking color depicts string brand black blue purple yellow silver yellow with green band alternate winding strings like D silver are signified with a green band green silver red B C D D E F G A.

Investing in Original FlatChrome strings can bring many basses to a higher level of tone and response. The diameter of the ball is 12The length of the tail is about 13 and the length of the transition between the wound part and the tail is approximately 3Note that upright bass strings generally have a silk covering over part of the winding starting at the ball. Available in light medium and heavy tension.

Long known as the string of choice for double bass soloist François Rabbath these strings are made of tungsten steel. Although this particular change may seem small 8 vs. We hope that this will provide.

Pirastro Thomastik DAddario Lenzner Corelli Innovation and Velvets La Bella Fortune and recently added Eurosonic. The bass is used in a range of other genres such as jazz 1950s-style blues and rock and roll rockabilly psychobilly traditional country music bluegrass tango and folk music. NYC double bass dealer and luthier David Gage has written some really terrific articles on both choosing strings for specific playing styles and what has historically been used and on changing strings.

Flat-Chromesteel The core material of these strings is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel. Double Bass Strings. Double bass strings are composed of the following sections.

First string G - ZyexTitanium wound. String Spacing My string spacing at the nut is approximately 8 millimeters between each string and my string spacing at the bridge is about 22 millimeters between each string. It is a function of its mass or weight per unit of length the vibrating length of the string and the pitch of the note produced when the string vibrates.

Will also fit Ashbory bass. If you want really technical string tension information check these tension charts out. Also the string tension of individual strings is very important for those players that want to try alternate tunings or make a set of balanced tension strings for their bass.

Zyex Double Bass Strings Tension Chart Set Note CoreWinding Playing Length mm-in 34L 1060 - 41 34 34M 1060 - 41 34 44L 1060 - 41 34 44M 1060 - 41 34 DZ611 G-Sol ZyexTitanium wound 58 61 DZ612 D-Ré ZyexNickel wound 595 625 DZ613 A-La ZyexTungsten wound 625 645. The bass is a transposing instrument and is typically. Corelli Like Helicore Savarezs Corelli strings come in several different gauges including one for both solo and orchestral tuning.

Available in black as well as dread colors. So using bass guitars as an example if we take a 105 gauge string tuned as our Low E the tension in the string will vary according to what scale length bass its fitted to. Gauge and tension can also be referred to in terms of weight.

We at GHS have made our Bass String Tension chart please click on the link here available to you and have also laid it out with both single strings in 12 step increments for tuning and packaged sets. I discovered right now for the first time that you can click on the tabs at the bottom of the page which is based on an excel-sheet i think on the 105cm 110cm and string tension tabs 980665 ms2 acceleration due to gravity is my favourite Calculation of string tension f 05 sqrtT980665pla. Tension 610 lbs 064 Light 580 lbs 061 Second string D - ZyexStainless steel wound.

These double bass strings provide clarity and warmth from low to high registers and allow versatility and control throughout the dynamic spectrum. Its really quite remarkable that with such a big selection and variety each one of these manufacturers and brands offer something really quite unique and special. By contrast a more traditional setup might be 10 mm at the nut and 28 mm at the bridge.

Bronze Bass 44 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic. Ie heavy medium or light gauge or tension. Short Scale 340lbs Medium Scale 357lbs Long Scale.

Chart 1 chart 2.

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