How To Set Up Drum Kit With Double Bass Pedal

1 Master Pedal Attachment. Play online a virtual drum set with double bass drum pedal with your PC keys.

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This helps you play evenly and develop equal strength in both legs.

How to set up drum kit with double bass pedal. I call it the snow globe concept. You can slightly adjust the overall angle of the pedal by slotting another piece of carpet underneath the pedal. Most drummers place their entire kit on a rug to prevent the bass drum from slipping around.

Setting Up a Double Bass Drum Kit Set up the two bass drums in front of the drum throne. Attach the master pedal to the bass drum in the usual way. Mount the toms set up the cymbal stands and add the cymbals.

PLACE THE BASS DRUM ON A SUITABLE SURFACE. Retighten the set screw. Mount the pedal on a piece of carpet.

Double pedal and double bass drum are especially used by metal drummers but also by other drummers looking for a heavy powerful drumming. Follow these steps and youll be rocking the double bass like Neil Peart in no time. Double bass pedal can be rough on your legs.

Start by sitting on your drum stool in an open space. When youre playing double bass drums its a good idea to get both pedals set up about as evenly as possible. Pedal Placement Attach the primary pedal the one with the beaters to your bass drum using the hoop clamp.

Practice playing just your bass drum pedals alternating left and right in time with a metronome. For fusion the bass is 20 inches while a rock setup use a 24 or a 26 inch bass. I set up Louie Bellsons set for him several times and thats how the inventor of the double bass drum set did it.

Position your drum throne so it feels comfortable to play the bass drum pedal with. To set the space of the hoop clamp for your bass drum use the allen wrench provided to loosen the set screw on the clamp and then rotate the knurled nut to narrow or widen the gap. The next step is to make sure that your bass drum is sitting on a surface that wont allow it move.

Start with the proper bass drum positioning and then build the rest of the kit from there. With the terminology out of the way lets talk through the practical steps for setting up your double pedal. Focket bass drum pedalmetal double chain anti slip pedal drum set double kick pedal beater percussion instrument part replacementsturdy and durable.

Sit on the throne and spread your knees so your legs are in a V shape. Toe Clamp on a DW Bass Drum Pedal. Attach your bass drum pedal to the designated part on the hoop of the kick drum by using the clamp on the bass drum pedal.

In fact its easier than fitting seven Rush songs into the intro of a blog article Tom Sawyer. It will be operated with a simple screw that is finger operated. For fusion the bass is 20 inches while a rock setup use a 24 or a 26 inch bass.

Set up the snare stand and position in between the two pedals. Many drummers would use a legless hi-hat stand that was clamped to the hoop of the bass drum or sometimes to a bracket on the bass drum which would let them place the hi-hat pedal right next to their left bass pedal. Put your arms out straight to your sides and.

The special feature of this drumset is the double bass drum pedal which is an alternative solution to the double kick drum. Pearls locking mechanism is quick and easy to lift adjust and snap back into place. Most pedals clamp to the bass drum hoop via a mechanism called a toe clamp and is operated by a wing nut.

With all of the foregoing in mind theres an easy way to determine the optimum placement of drums and cymbals on your kit. This is also a matter of preference. Assemble the rest of your drum kit Attach the bass drum to the bass drum pedal by carefully moving it into position behind the pedal.

Follow these tips to get the most out of a double bass pedal. A 5 piece drum setup often uses a 22 inch diameter bass drum but jazz drum set go with an 18 inch bass. However for metalheads who care more about breaking the sound barrier than saving their backs using two bass drums produces a larger sound than a double bass pedal because each drum has extra time in between strokes to resonate.

Position a drum in front of each knee and place the pedals where your feet will fall naturally in this position. It offers expansive sounds a natural feel to the beats and a pad good enough to accommodate the double pedals. The Simmons SD350 is another excellent electronic drum kit that is compatible with double bass pedal.

There may be technical adjustments and a lot of positioning changes that you need to focus on but you also need to keep in mind that a great setup is what makes you feel comfortable while playing your music. Learning to play the double bass drum pedal is not impossible. Simmons SD350 Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Pads.

Go for a natural position do not force your body into angles it doesnt want to go. The double bass drum pedal setup should always correlate with how all the other parts are positioned to produce your desired sound or results.

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