Acoustic Guitar Bridge Saddle Position

It adjusts for most acoustic guitar scale lengths up to 27. Rout a new slot in the correct position.

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Recommended thumb position and motion when using a thumbpick on an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar bridge saddle position. Also of note is the proximity of pickguard to bridge. This one holds the steel-string bridge at the correct angle to slant the saddle for intonation purposes. The simple math of fret scales suggests that the saddle should be placed exactly twice as far from the nut as the 12th fret.

If you move the entire bridge then you will also have to modify the pin holes and bridge. An acoustic guitar bridge is a relatively simple device which is made out of different types of wood which all have different acoustic properties. Note the positions of the bridge pin holes and saddle slot.

Therefore no matter how resonant the wood is the saddle needs to be able to transfer the vibrations to help the sound resonate. Fill the current saddle slot with some ebony or rosewood. Subtract the above result from the scale length.

Most modern guitars have a drop in saddle that can be removed when the strings are off. This depends on the saddle material and the set-up which I discuss further down the post. The saddle sits directly in front of the bridge pins on an acoustic guitar.

Intonation the guitars ability to play in tune Action string height above frets Tone different materials change tonal properties Most acoustic guitar saddles are either 332 or 18 wide. Use the Saddlematic to position a new slotted bridge or check the accuracy of an attached bridge and saddle. To place the saddle find each strings intonation point.

Heres how I do this in my shop. Marc Lucas via email This is a good and very timely questionI was just involved in a discussion with a few other builderrepair people about a brand-new guitar whose saddle was placed in a puzzling spot. When you make an acoustic guitar bridge cut the saddle slot after installing the bridge on the guitar top.

The position of the saddle affects. However because strings are not perfectly flexible and because that imperfection varies from string to string the saddle needs to be moved away from that theoretical point. Put the saddle where it belongs and dont mess with the bridge placement at all.

On the flat top guitar the bridge is the big wooden usually ebony or rosewood part that holds the strings via holes in back side or with bridge pins. The top bridge is an original the bottom is the replacement. Measure from the fretboard side of the saddle where the high E string crosses to the fretboard edge of the bridge.

The other purpose of the saddle is to take the vibrations from the bridge and transfer them to the top wood of the guitar. The saddle sits directly in front of the bridge pins on an acoustic guitar. The saddle is the small structure against which the strings bear an through which they conduct their vibrating energy.

Anyway the jig has been made so that the 3mm ground steel pins pushed through the holes locate against nut end of the fretboard in the top E string position and in the extremities of the saddle rebate of the bridge. As the template is the same shape as the neck it also gives the central alignment to the neck without having to mark the sound board. Acoustic guitar bridge saddle direction.

On an acoustic guitar the saddle has even thickness but has the slanting. Saddles are usually made of bone ivory or a synthetic material such. Calculating Bridge Position.

However when it comes to acoustic guitars its not the bridge that matters all to much its the saddle which sits right in front of the bridge. With the bridge in place you can locate the exact saddle position for good intonation. The first step in how to make an acoustic guitar bridge is to select the wood.

An acoustic guitar usually doesnt have an adjustable bridge. Quickly and accurately finds the correct location for a new acoustic guitar saddle slot for positioning a new slotted bridge or for checking the accuracy of an attached bridge and saddle. The bridge has a footprint on the top and so it cant be moved and most of the time fortunately the high E is fairly correct so here then is the simplest cure.

Measure the resulting distance from the guitar nut to find proper bridge placement. Acoustic guitars with six individual positioned saddles have a disadvantage. From the JulyAugust 2021 issue of Acoustic Guitar By Martin Keith What is the correct formula for placing a bridgesaddle on an acoustic guitar.

It adjusts for most acoustic guitar scale lengths up to 27. When I slide the drawer all the way in the bridge blank will be in exact position for routing the saddle slot and the stops on top of the jig define the length of the saddle slot. On a classical guitar the saddle is thicker towards the thicker strings.

The necessary compensation is generally build into the bridge and achieved by a slanted saddle. Why does the bridge saddle on a steel-string guitar sit at an angle.

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