Ukulele Open C Tuning Chords

Fb Fbm Fb Fb b5 Fb Fbsus2 Fbsus2 b5 Fbsus4 Fb5 Fbsus24 Fb2 Fbm 5 Fbm sus2 Fbm2 Fb6 Fb6m Fb69 FbM 11 Fb7 FbM 7 FbM 7b5 FbM 7sus2 FbM 7sus4 FbM 7sus24 Fbm 7 Fb5 7 Fbm M7. Try this one for about five bucks and go to town.

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Strumming the open strings give you a ukulele slack key tuning of G-C-E-G.

Ukulele open c tuning chords. FYI slack key on bari ukulele is the same as standard 5-string banjo tuning. FCFA Tune the g-string down to F and the E-string up to F. This tuning can also function for C minor especially using chord voicings which avoid involve the high E string as open.

I like open C GCEG with a low G string. If you are new to the ukulele or a beginner having just acquired your first instrument whether its a Soprano Concert or Tenor these easy ukulele chords will help to get you playing. 0 0 0 5.

Of course this means that all your normal chord positions are different if you strum all the strings without any frets down you already have a C chord. If you are looking for the same charts but in baritone tuning go here. C D E F G A B Cb Db Eb Fb Gb Ab Bb C D E F G A B.

Or select the root of the chord. Slack-Key Tuning GCEG Difficulty. Ukulele Chord Chart and Tabs in Open G Tuning.

Then select chord type quality from the list below. Besides the obvious barre chords F-2012 G7-0210 Am-2002 Bb-3213 G-0234 or 4234 to make it a moveable chord shape. Some examples of chord voicings.

Thats actually how I came to trying out DGBD on my bari uke. In this ukulele lesson were going to check out 9 awesome open chords major minor and 7th for C F and G. Looks like a lot of folks are getting to this article while looking for the basics of how to tune a ukulele.

Of course youll need a slide. Try G C E Bb tuning. GBDG Tune the C-string down to B the E-string down to D and the A-string down to G.

You can do the same thing with almost all of the open chords. And so banjo chord charts will work for bari and also for other ukes if you transpose the key accordingly open G on banjobari open C on other ukes. F Fm F F b5 F Fsus2 Fsus2 b5 Fsus4 F5 Fsus24 F2 Fm 5 Fm sus2 Fm2 F6 F6m F69 FM 11 F7 FM 7 FM 7b5 FM 7sus2 FM 7sus4 FM 7sus24 Fm 7 F5 7 Fm M7 Fm M7b5 F M7.

The chart below shows the basic ukulele chords for the standard tuning gCEA. Triad major Intervals. In total there 180 chord diagrams included for all keys A Bb A B C Db C D Eb D E F Gb F G and Ab G1 and including chord types.

GCEG Tune the A-string down to G. If you want to go more into depth of this particular guitar tuning see the Essential Chords in Open C Tuning ebook with over 100 chord diagrams. ABb barre Here are the same chords based on the A shape except as barre chords.

This creates a C7 chord when strummed open and makes for some very fun and bluesy slide ukulele playing. When you have to play all the strings at the same fret its useful to tune the strings so they make an open chord. By raising the first string two frets any C6 tuning chord shape will work in open C.

These have all main ukulele chord diagrams you can think of for soprano concert and tenor ukuleles in standard tuning GCEA. Schematically youre doing this. I like to play blues in E using this tuning and a slide.

Standard C tuning features strings tuned from fourth to first strings to G C E A. To create it you tune the A string down one whole step to G. Guitarists new to the ukulele are in for a surprise however as the pitch for the open strings in C tuning does not progress from low to high as it does in traditional guitar tuning.

Option 1 tune F C Eb A on GCEA strings which means youd be playing 7th chords on the fret and you could use your ring finger 2 frets up on the second sting to play the major chords Option 2 Is an Eb C F A possible. C T E 3M G 5J Formula. C D E F G A B Cb Db Eb Fb Gb Ab Bb C D E F G A B.

In the C minor key. Or select the root of the chord. Moving the open A chord up 1 fret and using a barre to cover the open strings.

What to read next. A open ABb B C CDb So thats the A chord shape. The Standard C tuning sometimes referred to as Re-entrant tuning is the most common ukulele tuning for soprano concert and tenor ukes.

Thats what Ive done in all shapes except G7. Then select chord type quality from the list below.

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